IWDRO offers accreditation to business Members, in support of the continued growth of the sector, both in the UK and Worldwide.

IWDRO has a strict Code of Conduct, compliance with which ensures that IWDRO members will benefit from a collective reputation for best practice and ethical and professional conduct,  promoting confidence and trust for consumers wishing to engage with its members. You can also view our Organisational Values to give you a clearer idea of what IWDRO stand for and what we can do for you.

Supporting Industry Growth

The unique attraction of the Internet as a trading platform is that the very nature of the World Wide Web means there is a universally available portal to a fast-growing worldwide market with very few barriers to commercial entry. Consequently, this makes the future of providers within the industry very exciting and, potentially, very rewarding.

As with anything offering such opportunity and potential, it will attract service providers with widely varying degrees of skill, integrity, credibility and ethical appreciation. Consumer reports of unsatisfactory products and services are increasing year on year within the sector.

At IWDRO, we want the sector to continue to grow and make a significant and positive contribution to our economy. We are committed to managing that growth by monitoring the stability and transparency of providers within our sector. Whilst many of the services offered by operators within our sector are of a creative, and therefore subjective nature, membership of IWDRO is recognition that the corporate foundations of the organisation involved have been attended to properly and the business methodologies and principles reflect best practice, giving service users the confidence and satisfaction they increasingly demand.

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