IWDRO Core Organisation Values

These values help our organisation to fulfill its duties and achieve our vision of an internet serviced by credible and professional individuals, and organisations, that meet the core commercial values and standards required to inspire consumer confidence and facilitate the growth of the sector.

IWDRO - Organisation Integrity & Values

  • We operate in a transparent and consistent manner with professionalism as a priority.
  • We make certain that all internal and external communications are accountable, consistent, timely and transparent.

IWDRO - Working Excellence & Continued Growth

  • We invite and respect contributions for improvement and growth.
  • We create and sustain a supportive environment to encourage advancement and improvement.
  • We support continued learning and staff development.
  • We identify, reward and celebrate our achievements.
  • We value experience, knowledge and diversity.
  • We recognise the value of listening to, and working with our members, to support our program of continual improvement.
  • We understand that the value of IWDRO to consumers derives from IWDRO upholding its Code of Conduct and continually assessing its fitness for purpose in a rapidly changing environment.

IWDRO - Focused on the Future

  • We will continually challenge our knowledge, experience and methodology.
  • We will consistently embrace and develop our working practices to provide a better service.
  • We will provide innovative solutions to achieve our goals, and ensure they are aligned with the goals of our members.
  • We will respond to change, and ensure that we are consistent in responding to the needs of our members.



Working with companies & consumers, committed to good practice.