How does IWDRO work for Consumers?

IWDRO Registration

IWDRO Registered Businesses have undergone a stringent application process. All Registered businesses have been manually checked and approved by IWDRO. IWDRO accreditation mark offers consumers confidence in their decision making as all Registered Businesses have met the minimum criteria for registration, and have agreed to abide to the strict Code of Conduct. The IWDRO Code of Conduct ensures that businesses comply to, and abide by all applicable laws and maintain best practice procedures.


Choosing to work with an IWDRO Registered Business

As a consumer you are able to search for a registered business within the industry specific categories listed on the IWDRO website. You have the piece of mind that the businesses listed have met the core commercial values and standards expected by the IWDRO.

The IWDRO Dispute Console

IWDRO provides a non-biased Dispute Console where Consumers and Members can discuss and resolve issues in a productive, non-public, professional manner.

As a part of the IWDRO Code of Conduct we encourage members to resolve consumer disputes as quickly and effectively as possible. The system provides a platform where problems can be logged and responded to in a timely and effective manner.

To view full details of how the Dispute Console works click here.