IWDRO for Consumers

iwdro for consumers 2IWDRO set standards through a strict Code of Conduct for its Registered Members to protect consumers and ensure that they are dealing with reputable, professional, ethical and credible service providers.

IWDRO will offer accreditation to businesses that are committed to promoting the highest standards of professional conduct within the industry, thereby assisting consumers in their decision making process and promoting confidence and consumer satisfaction from all businesses bearing the IWDRO accreditation mark.

iwdro for consumers

Why is IWDRO important to consumers?

Working with businesses that are IWDRO Registered carries significant benefit to consumers, because:-

  • IWDRO regulates it's members and offers the consumer confidence in their chosen supplier
  • IWDRO accreditation identifies Registered Members as trusted, credible and competent
  • All Registered Members adhere to the strict IWDRO Code of Conduct
  • Commitment to the IWDRO Code of Conduct demonstrates that the business remains focused upon the quality of product and service offered
  • IWDRO Membership demonstrates that the business cares about and is committed to maintaining industry standards and continual development of best practice

IWDRO performs a strict criteria check of all members and all members are bound by its Code of Conduct. This provides consumers with the comfort that their chosen service provider has agreed to comply with the expected core values and standards expected.

Consumers that are not fully satisfied with a member of the IWDRO may utilise the Dispute Console, where they are able to communicate with the member through direct dialogue facilitated by the IWDRO. The Dispute Console process ensures that any disputes are dealt with in a professional and timely manner.

IWDRO will treat all consumers and members equally, fairly and without prejudice at all times.