Membership Benefits

Below you can see the multitude of benefits and tools available to IWDRO members.

Benefits range from providing opportunities for your agency to marketing tools to help you win business.

Get the most out of your membership by taking advantage of all of these features.

IWDRO Code of Conduct
IWDRO Code of Conduct

Compliance with the Code of Conduct is a fundamental principle of IWDRO membership as it is intended to give customers confidence that the business that they have chosen to engage will work in accordance with the principles of the Code.

View our Code of Conduct here

IWDRO Member Recognition
IWDRO Member Recognition

As an IWDRO registered business you will be recognised by consumers as a competent, credible and trusted supplier. IWDRO offers your business a competitive advantage through promoting your business as an industry leader.

IWDRO membership builds consumer confidence and demonstrates that you comply to the strict Code of Conduct and you endeavour to maintain best practice procedures, customer service and client satisfaction.

Premium Member Profile Page
Premium Member Profile Page

 IWDRO Profiles are now fully customisable, allowing you to make changes even to the background of your page.

Member profiles include a comprehensive business listing displaying your membership details, detailed business profile and contact details.

  • Actively backlink from your IWDRO profile to your site and social media
  • Upload an unlimited number of images and testimonials
  • Include your agency on the location map
  • Add an unlimited number of images to your Portfolio Gallery
  • Display Your Office Building
  • View your invoices and billing.

The business directory has intuitive search filters allowing your business to be easily identified as a member of the IWDRO, and enables your business to be promoted and contacted by consumers.

Personalised Member Dashboard
Personalised Member Dashboard

The IWDRO Member Dashboard provides a range of information and member services, including access to:

  • Manage your public profile
  • Profile Statistics (page views, telephone, email and website requests)
  • Preferential Services exclusive to Members
  • i-Bulletin Subscription and Advertising
  • Technical Support Desk
  • Dispute Console Management
  • Subscription Management
Sales Leads
Sales Leads

Aggregate Sales Leads

IWDRO is a hub for a variety of different data sources, feeding in information regarding a large variety of digital service leads for both the UK and Worldwide.

These daily leads are for you to use as an IWDRO member to provide you access to a constant stream of diverse opportunities.

Inclusive Sales Leads

Inclusive sales leads are generated for you as an IWDRO member. Unlike Premium Sales Leads there is no charge.
These leads are generated in house and only a maximum of 6 members can go forward for each sales lead.

Premium Sales Leads

Obtain the very highest quality sales leads. You can view project requirements, location and budget before you purchase the full contract opportunity. You can select leads that are an exact match with your business skill set, budget and location.

Every Premium Sales Lead is contacted in person and vetted by an industry specialist consultant complete with call recording. We aim to supply the most detailed and comprehensive sales leads available within your sector.

Use of the IWDRO Logo for Print and Web
Use of the IWDRO Logo for Print and Web

Download and use a range of official membership logos for:

  • Your printed stationery
  • Marketing material
  • Website
  • Email footer
  • Digital marketing campaigns

You can link the IWDRO logo to your IWDRO profile page and Include your IWDRO accreditation when pitching for business.

There are a number of logo versions available to download and utilise from IWDRO.  All versions are low resolution and downloadable in multiple file formats, in accordance with the IWDRO Brand Guidelines.


White Paper & Articles
White Paper & Articles

IWDRO produce exclusive whitepapers to assist with a variey of everyday business scenarios including: Tips on how to grow your business, Close sales and how to improve as an agency.

View our articles here

Investment Partners & Finance
Investment Partners & Finance

You'll have access to special investment opportunities as an IWDRO Member being able to receive investment at a reduced interest rate.

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Flexible options
  • Choose from 6 months to 5 year terms
  • Your businesses must have been established for a minimum of 2 years