IWDRO for Members

IWDRO gives you the opportunity to be recognised as a reputable service provider.

Membership gives you access to the latest sales leads and discounts on industry products and services, exclusively available via our network of trusted partners.

Businesses with IWDRO accreditation are recognised throughout the industry as competent, credible and professional service providers.

IWDRO has a strict Code of Conduct designed to ensure that all businesses registered, comply to, and abide by all applicable laws and maintain best practice procedures.

To view the full list of Member Benefits please visit theMember Benefits Page.


Why is IWDRO important to my business?

  • The IWDRO accreditation identifies your business as a trusted supplier, which increases your prospects of attracting new business by:

    • Inspiring consumer confidence
    • Giving your business a competitive advantage over non members
    • Removing objections to purchase that are normally based upon supplier credibility in an industry
    • Showing potential customers that your business is credible, competent and adheres to the strict Code of Conduct
    • Showing potential customers that your business cares about, and is committed
    • to, maintaining industry standards and continual development of best practice
  • Commitment to the IWDRO Code of Conduct ensures that you and your business remains focused upon the quality of product and service offered to the consumer
  • The IWDRO and I-Bulletin keep you at the forefront of industry news and allow you to network with other key businesses and professionals in your sector
  • As an IWDRO Registered Member you are able to display the IWDRO Membership Logos on your business materials promoting the fact that you are a leading business in your sector
  • The IWDRO Member Benefits package represents tangible and unparalleled value for money, offering members credibility and mass marketing exposure

How to apply for IWDRO membership

  • Click the 'Apply for Membership' link.
  • Complete the 'User Registration' form and click 'Register' to create an account
  • Select which business plan is applicable to your business and choose your payment method
  • Check the details are correct on the confirmation page and click 'Continue'
  • Complete the payment details and submit your new application.

Company details are manually checked for accuracy, including your business name, telephone number, business address, website URL and that the correct membership level has been selected. If any of the details entered do not meet the criteria, or are inaccurate, IWDRO will notify you of the discrepancies and you will have the opportunity to amend your details.

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