10 of the Best Web Design Blogs with Great Content

The study and application of web design has become incredibly diverse in the last few years. Today, we have a plethora of different aspects of web designing. Back in the old days, one or two web design blogs would suffice for those who wanted to know the ins and outs of this art. Today, you need to be familiar with at least 12 to 15 different web blogs in order to have a clear idea and sound knowledge of the basics of various features of web designing.

You may think that web design textbooks are enough to give you an inside scoop of all that you need to know about web designing. As informative and detailed web design books are, you cannot ignore the fact that the information provided in books is only relatable and valid for a particular period of time. Once that period fades away into the past, the material on web designing in the book becomes more or less redundant. The reason for that is because of how web design tends to be in a constant phase of change and evolution. The trends of web design today, may not be applicable a year from now. Therefore, if you want to stay in touch with everything that is related to web designing, your safest bet is to follow a number of different frequently updated blogs.

The number of web design blogs on the internet is colossal. Some are great, others are mediocre. If you want premium content and the latest news, you should look for blogs that are created by the experts in the field. Among the several web design blogs that you can stumble upon on the internet, here are the 10 that have delivered the best content consistently over the last few years.

1) Six Revisions


This is known as a veteran design blog that is managed by one of the most recognisable figures in the web design industry, Jacob Gube. There are several other authors in the blog, and most of the content is focused on inspiration design topics and a series of design tutorials for budding web designers.

2) Web Designer Depot


It burst into the scene in the year 2008, and since then, Web Designer Depot has been a household name when it comes to web design blogs. Design posts are published frequently by its team of extraordinary authors.

3) Web Designer Wall


As the name suggests, this is a wall of design ideas, trends and tutorials which are all the brainchild of acclaimed designer Nick La. Topics. It includes a wide selection of Trend Roundups, Wordpress tutorials and a fair amount of useful tips and clever tricks.

4) Soh Tanaka


Named after the author himself, this blog is the work of a passionate web designer and developer who has a knack for providing great information on web design on his personal blog. This is a great place for learning jQuery visual effect.

5) Nettuts


If you have heard of the TutsPlus network, you may be interested in dropping by its web development and design branch Nettuts. It is the perfect destination for detailed and technical tutorials that cater to both front and back-end developers.

6) Build Internet


Brothers Zach and Sam Dunn came up with the idea of creating Build Internet, a blog filled with intriguing articles and helpful tutorials of the highest quality.

7) Boagworld


Hosted by Paul Boag, this design blog and podcast has made quite a name for itself in the web design industry. The podcast in particular has garnered quite a great amount of attention.

8) Usability Post


If you are looking for handy tips and insights into healthy design practices, then look no further than Dmitry Fadayev's Usability Post.

9) MarcoFolio


The mastermind behind MarcoFolio is Marco Kupier, who has created a blog that encapsulates the true passion for web designing in the form of inspirational articles and tutorials.

10) CSS- Tricks

10-blog CSS-Tricks 

Are you looking for the expert opinion of Chris Coyier? This is where you will find him. Known as the treasure trove of CSS based advice, tricks and tutorials, this blog is truly a hidden gem of the internet.