Does Your Own Website Make You Look Like a Leading Web Design Agency?

Can you imagine how ironic it would be if your own website made your agency look like a team full of amateur web designers? The work of a web design agency is to optimise and add value to websites of other companies, agencies or organisations. Therefore, the attractiveness and the quality of your own website is a clear indication of how well or poorly equipped you are to take on the challenge of making another company’s website better.

When people visit your website, they should be having the impression that your Website Design Company possesses all the skills required to make a drastic positive change to their websites. The quality of the visual and textual content and the discipline in the structure and organisation of your website should do the work of a salesperson for your web design agency. Each component of your website should be a symbol of excellence that can be induced in other websites as well. It is only then that people will consider you as a leading web design agency in the industry.

On the flipside, if your website is poorly put together and contains mediocre content, then people will have a very difficult time convincing themselves to subscribe to your web design services. It’s similar to how no one would take a fashion designer seriously unless the designer has put on a trendy outfit.

The following are three things that you need to avoid in order to ensure that your website does indeed make your agency look like a big name in the industry.

1) Outdated or Stale Content

Does-Your-Own-Website-Make-You-Look-Like-a-Leading-Web-Design-Agency outdated content 
This is by far the easiest way to put off any visitor to a website, especially a web design agency website. Your website is expected to contain the latest information and updates about your web design services. Data must be presented to the visitors in a clear, attractive and comprehensive fashion. The primary purpose of placing content on your website is to address the need of the customers. If you leave your content unchanged for a long period of time, it defeats that primary purpose.

2) Inconvenient Navigation

Does-Your-Own-Website-Make-You-Look-Like-a-Leading-Web-Design-Agency inconvenient navigation 
As a web design agency, your website should be a prime example of how visitors can be provided with ease of navigation. If you fill up your website with flashy components to draw in greater traffic, then the convenience of navigation will be disrupted and compromised. This is particularly true for online users who are visiting your website through wireless devices. Your website should be designed in a way to make navigation a piece of cake for the visitors.

3) Subtle Call to Action

Does-Your-Own-Website-Make-You-Look-Like-a-Leading-Web-Design-Agency call-to-action
When it comes to inserting call to action buttons on your website, subtlety is most certainly not what you should be aiming for. The lack of call to action buttons can confuse visitors and compel them to leave your website. When designing your own website, make it an absolute necessity to strategically place call to action buttons all over the website to engage the visitors in meaningful activity. As you must be aware as a web designer, the call to action button is a way of letting visitors know what to do next.