10 Ways to Get More Web Design Clients

Promoting oneself is never bad, especially when if it can get clients for your business. In this article, we will look into some guerrilla marketing techniques that can get more clients for your web design business. The techniques described are all unconventional methods, as is the case with most guerrilla marketing. These are all creative and interesting methods aimed to interact with clients in unexpected places and platforms. Let’s take a look.

1. Create an Online Presence by Regular Posts

Posting more frequently on your website is always a good idea. Think up some creative content for the site that will induce interest for your prospective clients. Maintaining a regular blog will definitely be helpful, with occasional guest posts and such. Make sure that you are promoting yourself through this. For example, you can make your experience and credibility known by posting articles regarding what you have learned in your web designing career, or even some DIY design tutorials. All you need is to keep creating contents that will interest your target group and make sure they keep coming back for more.


2. Freebies are Good for Business

Everyone loves getting free goodies. Why not utilise that opportunity to leave your mark? You could go to an unconventional place and hand out some freebies, like pens, notepads, USB devices, etc. Make sure that your company name and website URL is printed on it alongside other necessary details on how to contact you. This will ensure that whoever gets the freebies will visit your website out of gratitude, and thus you can bait them in. This type of advertising will be positive for your business.

3. Discounts & Promotional Offers Can Lure Clients

We all want to feel special, and so will your clients. If you offer some sort of bargain to your clients, chances are that they will come back to you for more work, or will simply refer you to their friends. You could, for example, offer to design a website for them for free if they successfully refer two of their friends to you. You should also live up to your promises, regardless of whether they are limited time offers or indefinite ones. This will create a good reputation for your business.

4. Manage Your Social Media Pages

Most people on the internet are active on social sites. Utilise that by having your personal and business accounts posting regular contents. Use interactive features to get your company name through to your potential client. For example, you can run a small competition and award the winner with a discounted price on your web designing packages.


5. Events & Parties 

Sponsorship of events is always good for letting the world know about your company. You can set up booths there to showcase your portfolio. You can also throw a party in your business’s name and so on. If people have fun, they will remember you and your business and that’s promotion in itself.

6. Partner Up!

Forming partnerships with other businesses similar to yours will be mutually beneficial to both companies. As a web designer, you can partner up with a Web Development Company. Whenever a client of theirs needs designing, your partners will send them to you, and vice versa. 


7. Generosity for Others

When you do something nice for others, people see it and remember it, and can even become your clients! Host a fundraising for a local charity from your business, maybe? Or go to a café and buy a stranger a coffee, leaving your business card behind. Lots to be done!

8. Sweet Little Things

Do nice things for your potential clients. For example, if you want to develop a business in a new neighbourhood, send sweets to the residents of that area with a catchy message and your business details on the box.

9. Sales Representative on Commission

When you hire commission based sales representatives, they bring you more clients, because that will make their pay-day a big one. But in the meantime, you will be seeing more clients!

10 Sketch Your Talent

Go around the neighbourhood park, or outside a café on a weekend morning, and start drawing on the pavement. If it is good, people will appreciate it, and that can be promotion for your business. Make sure to go to well-lit places with lots of people.

Guerrilla marketing is used to stand out from the mainstream marketing methods. The ones described are only just a few. But the possibilities are endless. You may want to try some out to make your company name renowned. Do something positive that will grab people’s attention!