When to Outsource, What to Outsource

So many companies and organisations, no matter how small or large, find it difficult to let go of the mindset that 'they can do it all'.

There is nothing wrong with this: this is the way it has been since the beginning of man. But, the World is changing and if we can adapt accordingly then we really could make business a hell of a lot less stressful!

So that's it; when reality finally hits you, should you consider the possibilities of outsourcing some work tasks - offshore too, should the opportunity arise.

When to Outsource

First thing's first is knowing when to outsource. You may have hundreds of staff covering various shift patterns, but when it gets to that point where they are struggling to cope with the volume or the nature of some tasks, you should reassess your situation and perhaps consider outsourcing as 'your out'. It sounds awfully simple on the face it, but so many businesses push their staff to breaking point and the consequences of this can be far more costly than admitting you need some extra hands in the first place!

But why not just hire extra staff then? Well, a perfect example of this is when a new deal comes in that temporarily requires some extra bodies but does not warrant a whole year's salary: you need help in the short term to turn the job around and make a profit. Another example is when a business is in its infancy and outsourcing therefore provides the perfect opportunity to get some important tasks done without the financial ties that employing full time staff brings.

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What to Outsource

Again this sounds incredibly simple on the surface but, once you get that outsourcing bug, it is actually incredibly easy to go outsource-crazy; sending out tasks left, right and centre because you finally feel you have the manpower to do so! Our advice is to not lose sight of the bigger picture as some work absolutely needs doing by either you or your team, and could be quite damaging to your business if it was to find itself in a confusing pickle. It is very important that you always keep a firm grip on your competencies, the special parts of your business that set you apart from your competition. It makes perfect business sense to retain those tasks in-house; otherwise you are giving your 'gold dust' to an outsourced option.

Anything that is highly repetitive (research and data entry for example) or something that requires specialist knowledge is perfect for outsourcing; jobs such as mail-sorting or even delivering door-to-door could also save you time and resources. What's important to remember is that outsourcing is an incredibly useful way of managing your business well, of being smart and focused on your goals. It has the ability to conquer a myriad of problems, especially for startups or companies that just require extra hands for a short while in order to turn over a quick profit without compromising quality.